Home Zen Harmony

We bridge the feeling of home and luxury to Serviced Accommodation

Who We Are

Home Zen Harmony Ltd operates across the UK providing perfect hotel alternatives for business travellers.

We aim to provide Corporate Let Accommodation which is close to Business Centres and local transport links.

We work with small and large accommodation providers on long term agreements and tailor our services to support the needs of business travellers. 

How Are We Different?

Josh Kumar is an experienced property tycoon who has recently expanded his venture from his property sourcing background to create both stunning and homely serviced accommodations across a variety of locations in the UK. 

Josh knows exactly what you want from your ideal serviced accommodation as a frequent stayer when travelling for work and leisure. This gives him the edge on knowing how to meet your personal needs and what it is exactly you want from your serviced accommodation 

Our Values

Honest & Transparent

Truthful from the start, there are no hidden surprises

Strong Relationships

Long lasting and fruitful relationships with our Partners, Customers & Clients

Embrace Diversity

Experience different people, cultures and Partners to expand as a market leader

Embrace Change & Innovation

Constantly evolving our Business through technology and new ideas

Quality of Service

Controls to ensure high quality standards

About Josh

As an entrepreneur, I was always on the road travelling to different cities and towns across the UK. On a regular basis I would stay overnight in Hotels, often finding they would over-promise and under-deliver on their service. Even though hotels had staff on site to help, this often resulted in them being overpriced and they were too busy to meet my busy schedule. In fact, the only time I needed support from staff was when something wasn’t right, if the problem wasn’t there in the first place I wouldn’t have bothered them at all.

While on some occasions hotel restaurants were a nice place to relax, I often found the quality of service was never as expected, for example I would on many occasions be waiting for long periods of time before being served and then again while the food was being prepared. I remember on many occasions I would prefer to go out to eat at a range of “proper” restaurants nearby and receive a better and faster service as a result.

As a business traveller & as a customer, I always knew what I wanted, the needs of business owners  however many Hotels often miss understood and even neglected their customers needs.

This is why Home Zen Harmony was created so that no traveller, for business or leisure had that feeling of disappointment again! Our business knows it’s customers, it’s fully serviced considering and pre-empting everything our customer needs & works efficiently without costly overheads which means Home Zen Harmony gives back value to our customers every single day of the year!

We Look After All

Home Zen Harmony is an all encompassing business, by this we mean it considers the needs of all travellers such as:





Luxury & Holidays